My Story

The love of creativity and crafting began at a very young age.  As a young girl, Stephanie would spend countless hours drawing or doing something creative. Whether it was a card for her parents or a diorama for a school project, she has always had a passion for creating. As Stephanie got older she knew in her heart that she wanted to share her passion with others. Lovely Steph Creations was officially founded in 2020. It was through the planning and creating process for her own wedding that she discovered her niche for the wedding industry.

From the early stages of planning a proposal to the honeymoon and beyond, Stephanie truly believes that a wedding is a whole experience. It is her desire to help others through this process and to bring their dream wedding to life through the significant details. Stephanie’s heart is to inspire others by pursuing her passion to create. This really is more than just a business for her. She truly believes that she has been blessed by an amazing God and that creativity is her form of worship that she wants to share with everyone. She is very thankful to her husband, parents, and extended family and friends for inspiring her and being an endless support system.